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Coming soon with exciting digital services and products for business and entertainment.

About Us

MetaGlobe is the first startup studio of innovative tech companies with big market potentials and developing products and services suitable for both 2D and 3D applications, Virtual Reality and Metaverse technology.

Welcome to the MetaGlobe group one-stop-shop. Here, you can find and buy technological products and services offered by our startups.

MetaGlobe shop is meant to be a multi-vendor marketplace where you can purchase complementary tech services and products all in one place:

  • Big-data subscription services and packages
  • Big-data consulting services
  • Big-data custom software development
  • VR/AR-related products and gadgets for the Metaverse (entertainment and business)
  • Creative and music products and services
  • Financial and incorporation services to optimize your business and help you work in more favourable conditions.