Fundraising Platform for Equity Crowdlisting Launching Soon

Fundraising platform coming soon

The great day is coming! We are running the latest tests to comply with regards to security. But we are now very close to launching the fundraising platform for our group.

The reference payment gateways are Stripe and CoinPayments.
The minimum investment accepted is $200.

Soon, you will be able to join our flagship companies and enter multi-billion markets:

  1. WebRobot Ltd, for which we are collecting pre-orders of our upcoming self-service data extraction visual tool,
  2. FeeLess Ltd, for which we are receiving several subscriptions to our newsletter, especially from the German community, and
  3. Screebits Ltd.

Webrobot+Feeless+Screebits on MetaGlobe fundraising platform


Both Feeless and Screebits companies are directly related to WebRobot. In WebRobot, we intend to create a data asset tokenization protocol using:

We’ve already talked about that in the WebRobot Pitch.

Stay tuned and come back soon because this is just the beginning of an amazing journey we will be doing together

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