How it works

MetaGlobe's Startups Funding Opportunities

On Metaglobe.Finance/Fundme, we like making smart investments easy. Follow the following steps to join our funding campaigns and purchase the company shares.

1 - Register for a free investor account (read and accept our privacy notice).

2 - Explore the equity crowdfunding campaigns.
3 - Select one campaign and read the description carefully: the story, updates, comments, investments, and share packages (rewards).

4 - Decide if you want to purchase one share package by "selecting a reward" or investing a custom amount of money by clicking "invest now".

5 - Please note that fractions of shares are not allowed. Therefore, you must invest multiples of the share unit price. For example, if a share has a unit price of $19, you may invest $190, $209, $228...$380...$19,000, and so on. But you can not invest $200, $210, or $20,000 and similar.

6 - Complete the purchase form by inserting the required buyer's (future shareholder's) data: private individual plus business entity if the shares will be entitled to a company.

7 - Read and accept our terms and privacy notice.

8 - Pay the shares through Debit / Credit Card (Stripe) or Coinpayments (crypto).

9 - Wait for the confirmation email with the recap of your purchase (you will receive this email after Stripe or the blockchain confirm the payment).

10 - Wait for us to contact you and request all the documentation, such as a copy of your ID card, required by law.

11 - After the share transfer is complete, you will receive the share certificate related to the type of shares mentioned in the campaign description.


Welcome to the family! You are now a shareholder.