About us

MetaGlobe's Startups Funding Opportunities

MetaGlobe is a holding group. It helps affiliated tech startup companies to incorporate in advantageous jurisdictions, grow in their market, and get profitable.


We select our affiliates with care. They operate in growing innovative markets. They are tech-oriented and exploit new technologies such as Virtual Reality and the Metaverse.

One way MetaGlobe helps its affiliated tech startups is equity fundraising.

The MetaGlobe's Startups Funding Opportunities aim at connecting our affiliated companies with interested smart investors (individuals and business entities) who would like to become shareholders through equity investment.

On the Metaglobe Fundme platform, you can find several investment campaigns. For each of them, you can read the company description, the min and max amount of money you can invest, and the number of shares you will get.

On the metaglobe.finance/fundme website, you are free to buy shares paying either with fiat or cryptocurrency.


Are you ready to get your piece of the cake on multi-billion markets? Discover our campaigns now.