ESDX purchased digital lands on Gotchiverse

This afternoon, with ESDX LTD, we bought another 5 digital LANDs on the Gotchiverse, a metaverse that will start declaring at the end of March.

Digital lands on Gotchinverse
Five digital lands ESDX LTD just bought on Gotchinverse

We purchased five (5) plots of digital lands for a total investment of approximately $3,000.

We bought two (2) medium and three (3) small lands. They will begin to produce income from next month.

Each purchased land is adjacent to a resource. So, as soon as Gotchiverse launches the metaverse, we will start earning the respective resource tokens. We anticipate an inevitable price pump after launch. So we moved well in advance.

Gotchiverse is very popular and linked to a game with great potential. This open-ended social space has top partners and collaborations. It also has one of the most active DAOs (if not the most active ever, I would say).

In addition to announcing the official launch of the metaverse for the end of March, we bought the lands to take advantage of market inefficiencies. In fact, users often sell without criteria. They sell lands with rare resources at a too lower price. This also happens when such lands have many resources. Most times, this price is lower than other lands with fewer resources.

At the moment, the metaverse has yet to start. Therefore, lands don’t have any use and don’t produce anything yet. But as soon as it’s active, you’ll see the difference.

To date, the assets of ESDX LTD are made up of six (6) TERRITORIES on two (2) different metaverses. As soon as we find other opportunities before the Gotchiverse launch, we’ll buy more digital lands to increase our assets and income.

After just a month from its birth, ESDX LTD has already raised over $300,000. The company is part of the MetaGlobe LLC Group and just started a funding campaign on our Fundme Platform.

ESDX LTD digital lands owner


To get more info on the company and how to invest, visit the official website and join the community on Telegram.

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